time is but a dream (coveted_emotion) wrote in coveted_icons,
time is but a dream

This is not the end.

Death has not overtaken me. Life continues to throb through each and every portal of my body. And now I have once again decided to return to my land of icons.

In simple words... I am back. Slightly.

It will not be the same as before. I no longer have an animator or a good photo-shopping program . I do not remember or know anything about what programs are good, and it has been so long since I have been out of touch that I doubt any memories I do manage to recall will be useless. So, if you were to have any ideas... I would embrace them warmly... but not necessarily completely. I am not looking to dedicate my life to this project, just a few moments of spare time. But I would accept any nominations or donations of products that would be deemed acceptable for use.

I feel the need to come back for my fellow community members. During my leave of absence, this community has swelled and reached an epoch number of members. I don't really know what to think or say. All I can express is my gratefulness, as well as my wish to not disappoint. Therefore... I have returned.

In order to fully prove and ratify my return, I have prepared a select few icons to celebrate the occasion. This is obviously not my best work, coming back from such a long reprieve. Most people may not understand or even like them; however, it is my opinion that matters. These are very important to me, because they represent parts of the novel I am in the middle of conjuring. However, I do feel they can be generally aesethic, which is why I am unveiling them to you.

Another quick point to interject - My personal belief about icon-making is that in order for an icon to be original, it must come completely from its creator's mind. This means that I do not believe in using other peoples photos, poetry or prose, or stock in order to comprise an image. By doing this, I feel an icon is not really worthy to be called a unique creation. It is just a picture that someone else brought into existence with a lyric from some band - there is no creative initiative in this. It is a completely posed process, and is something anyone with no sense can complete. Here, in this community, I try to produce such fiendish work. If you look back, most of the photos I have used for my icons are photos from my own camera, and solely belong to me. Because of this, the icons I have created are solely and totally mine, and I believe that is the way it should be.

So now... without further ado... The revealing of icons that have been two years in the making...

Indigo             Indigo                 Death               Connection

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.
Tags: connection, death, indigo, indigo children
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